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#384615 - Gwen Turner sat nervously while she waited for Miss Alden to read her resume'. Now, as you mentioned the pay is very good, April went on, and very good is not good enough description to describe it!!! You will be paid one hundred dollars for every hour you are on duty and you will usually work at least eight hours a day, not bad for mostly just showing off your body, are you still interested in going on, asked April?!? Yes, replied Gwen, very interested, what's the next step?!? As you might remember from the ad, Mr. Audra and Gwen found a couple of empty lounge chairs, and lay down and soaked up the sun while Gwen asked softly, How long have you worked here, not wanting the other girls to hear her conversation? About six months or so, replied Audra! Do you like it here, asked Gwen, I mean having sex an all in front of other ?people!?! Audra laughed and replied, After awhile you don't even notice anyone else is around, and the money is fabulous!!! I

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Chouchou akimichi
Living the dream huh
Did his wife became a ghost or what