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#306542 - Oh my god, fuck me, she pleaded, fuck me hard, I haven't been fucked in over a year!!! Just hearing her pleading for his cock made Tommy hot with lust for the old woman, and he could not believe how hot she was! Never in his life had he had a woman as hot as Emma Oetken!!! As he stroked away, she lifted one of her big tits to his face and put a nipple into his mouth. Her breast spilled out over the top of the cups, squished together, making her cleavage look even more impressive, and when her blouse was finally on the floor, Tommy gave a low whistle and said, Baby you look so sexy, those boobs would give a statue a hardon!!! Emma blushing, turned a bright shade of red upon hearing Tommy's sexy comment, so when he asked her to slip of her skirt, she immediately unzipped it and let it fall to the floor. They lay together smoking the cigarette, not saying a word until they had finished it.

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Be more specific how many exactly
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Love the view