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#83829 - Trying to focus on the bear's shadow and sounds, blocking out all else, he moved into a somewhat open space with a clear view of the shadow, he raised his rifle, and with the head of the grizzly shadow caught in its crosshairs he fired. coarse? It was an odd feeling, and for a moment the hunter couldn't remember what had been happening prior to the head pain and the darkness, so instead of trying to remember he sat there, eyes still closed and slowly beginning to enjoy this strangely pleasurable sensation. His eyes opened wide and when his vision cleared he saw the bear, it's large paws holding down the hunters’ stomach and legs, while a long, wet tongue rolled and flicked over his surprisingly erect cock.

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Rikka takarada
Super sexy i always love jerking to your hentais
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Because you need to start loving yourself first
Jaye summers