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#191446 - [QUOTE=Yuurara;5217267]Introduction: Hi I'm Sayuri only 16 years old a sweet ripe Asian and it may not seem like I should know but I love to Fuck! Wake up this morning in the greatest of moods i get out of my night clothes with my sexy 34 D's jumping every where I throw on a tight shirt and my miniskirt and put my shin high pearly white socks on I put on my school shoes and rush through the door I tied my hear up into a erupted volcano look my hear was black and silky down to my ass and I walk to school feeling good last night was one of the best nights an Asian could have. I started laughing and I cleaned myself off I said you liked me Ichiro han you like my tight pussy didn't you he smiled and said Hai sayuri San you felt so experienced it felt like you were sucking me in your pussy I loved it and I love you sayuri Well Ichiro San it's my job to please people it's the sweetest thing to do Yes sayuri San thank you so much your breast were big

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