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#62434 - She merely nodded and told them that she was still a little weak from the flu and that she would be all right, while not believing those words even as she spoke them! Twice in the last forty eight hours she had been racked by the most vicious orgasms she could possibly imagine, both having left her shaken and trembling, and while she had always had a healthy attitude towards sex, there was something almost sinister about what was happening to her. She was only conscious that it was happening again, the only difference being that she didn't try to fight it, instinctively knowing it was hopeless to do so!!! Again her body responded in a most female way, giving of herself to the on rushing orgasm! This time, however, she sensed more of a presence, of something making her feel like the mother of all things! What was it, what could it be!?! Her vaginal walls began to contract as the orgasm spread through her entire being, until finally the climax ebbed, leaving Paige a disheveled swea

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