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#218410 - Well the party was a smash, there was some light sexual touching and fingering, even a blow job in the corner, the birthday girl did get fucked by her boyfriend in the pool and all was cool about that. Sis and I have talked to her sister to try to convince her to intervene but she won’t saying she needs her freedom time, just hang in there but it’s really hard when she starts yelling at us for nothing. That next morning was Friday morning, I told mom that Thursday morning next week we were off for prep day, and she checked her calendar saying hum, you’re right, what is prep day? I said it’s so the teachers can get all their crap together for graduation and all, so they have to work it but we get it off, she says strange they don’t let it be on a Friday, I said you’re tell me, we all said the same thing but they wanted Friday so that’s that.

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