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#222551 - The murmurs rose to blind panic as Draven entered the inn behind her, people standing and backing away from the entrance while reaching for anything solid they could use to protect themselves, collectively their eyes turned back to Eshenesra as she spoke, “My master wishes me to inform you that this town of Wealdstone now belongs to him. The beasts voice growled in her ear By the rule of threes I name you elven whore, first by the lust I smell coming from you, second by the nakedness of your form and finally by the title I have engraved upon your body Eshenesra felt his words twist through her mind, they locked down like chains against her, binding her to his will. In a flash the beast lunged forwards, slicing the armour from Eshenesra's body, carefully and swiftly slicing through straps and buckles, causing the armour to fall to the ground, leaving her nude and defenseless.

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