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#211405 - Jerry pulled and turned, most times a dog will only turn when they are doing it doggy style, but this time he managed to turn with his back to me, I could see his swollen knot inside my butt, or at least the bump from it. Jerry was happy to see us, and we both got ready for another busy day, I had already set up a Skype meet with Sue and the kids Friday afternoon our time, as they would be having another group fuck in Australia too, I said nothing about Jerry, I wanted to see their face's as Pauline took him. I told lee and Pauline to lay down with their faces together, as soon as they did, I stood over them, moved my hand and let gallons of dog cum run out , covering them both, Pauline looked so sexy covered in so much dog cum, when the flow stopped, I kissed her licking up cum, then lead her into the bathroom.

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