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#36848 - so i took my stance as well i gave him left jab and then a right and then a one, two, three, but he countered and got me in the stomach knocking the wind right out of me. whats up ? i asked i want you to know how disappointed i am in you, fighting like that, like a common thug, you are better than that Jack she lectured the last time i checked you weren't the older sister i replied and rolled my eyes i got up and changed my marines shirt into a nice flannel button up, i wanted to look presentable for whatever bonnie wanted to talk to me about Where are you going? she asked To Bonnies quarters she wanted to talk to me about something i worked my way around megan into the hallway as if she were trying to block me from going. i made my way the hall and came up a wall that had one door to it and on the door it said captains quarters i rose my hand to the door and knocked, the door opened and there stood Bonnie in a baby Blue kimono with pink flowers and a pin

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