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#179729 - Now his cock came alive in the knowing grip of his boss’s beautiful blonde wife, and she sneaked admiring peeks at it as they watched the others. Just fuck me! Make me COME!!” And then she was screaming and crying piteously, releasing three days worth of pent-up frustration, all of it welling up inside her and bursting out all at once. ” “It was awful!” said Barbie, fighting the good fight despite the powerful yearning between her legs.

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Very thank you honey
Suzuka utako
This is 100 perfect wife material especially if she does it with passion and without hesitation ideally she would even do this whether her husband was there or not and better yet if she were to get pregnant with another man any husband would be lucky to have her hopefully she does get pregnant with another guy for her husband
Ryunosuke tsunashi
All hail the magic conch shell