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#198206 - . I was expecting it to be the same as usual chat to a guy about what we wanted to do to each other I would cum and then I'd stop and forget that guy even existed, but I was wrong I got a message from a guy named Rob who from the moment I looked at him I wanted him he was good looking older about 52 which I liked and was a top which was a bonus as I had really wanted to try being a bottom, we got on like a house on fire he was very sweet but also naughty which had me hard instantly I was so invested in our conversation I didn't even wank then he messages me what you doing now? I replied as quick as I could with nothing just chilling on my birthday I hit send.

Read Petite Porn Mechashiko Nadeshiko | 不斷地戳插 淫猥撫子 Africa Mechashiko Nadeshiko | 不斷地戳插 淫猥撫子

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