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#309702 - Mike Bronson, I haven't seen you in years, how have you been, you sure seem to be looking well, asked a feminine voice? Mike turned around to find his senior high English teacher standing there with a glass of punch in her hand and after extending his hand replied I’m fine Miss Rogers, and I might say the same for you, you look just the same as the day I graduated!!!” “Thank you,” the buxom teacher replied while turning a little red in the cheeks, “shall we take a walk, it’s pretty noisy in here!?!” Both of them sipped their punch as they walked through the deserted halls, commenting about old times as they passed by the different rooms. He had missed his five and ten year high school reunions do to job constraints, but now it just so happened that he was between writing assignments so he had decided to drive the three hundred miles from Detroit back to his home town in Ohio!!! Central High School stood on the edge of town, and a big sign hung over the front door welcoming eve

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She indeed is pal one of the very best and very underrated also
Cryska barchenowa
Oi josuke how many breacrumbs have you eaten in your lifetime
I ment sexxy my bad