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#312702 - He wanted to resist to the parasite but it was useless the parasite released a huge amount of dopamine and made him cum uncontrollably, the transparent-egg case filled rather quickly with a burst of white liquid, the boy’s cum would be used to keep the egg-case stable and alive to keep nourishing the eggs, the egg-case would consume the boy’s semen’s nutrients to make sure the eggs grow well and healthy. It only had one mouth and it seemed to lack internal organs, it could move by its own, it started moving towards the boy’s cock and introduced its mouth inside the boy’s stiff cock. Many insects around the forest were suffering mutations due to meteorite that had crashed in the forest, this meteorite contained some alien parasites that depended on other species to survive, they have been slaving planets for decades to survive, first they come out of the meteorite and infect the animals around them, preferably small cause they’re easier to control, they let the animal eat them and onc

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Kaori fujimiya
Il duo che nessuno voleva ma di cui tutti avevamo bisogno
Tomoe takasago
Chick pregnant then a muthafucka
Charlotte dunois
De intercambio nada cada uno con la suya que pasa os da miedo que os la folle mejor otro tio que tu
Amu fanneria