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#20486 - As the man pulled his hand back out with a small ball of water in it ready to launch at Korra, I sunk the fire bending thug knee deep into the tarmac road drawing the attention of the largest of the three who began to rise up his foot to obviously set me off balance but before he could bring it back down I stomped my right foot down bringing a slim tarmac pillar out of the ground beneath his foot to rise up and smack his right foot in its arc, sending him flipping through the air as i brought my left foot round and stomped t bring up a large tarmac boulder which i launched using a punch form my right fist, to send it crashing into the earthbender sending him crashing throuhg the front window of the groups car as the bould disentegrated into dust ater its contact with him. I retracted out leaving only my head in as I pushed back inside to sink four inches into her breaking her hymen in one thrust as well as burying more than hall of me inside her. Korra and I were walking down a

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Hazuki nanakusa
I am willing to relive this fantasy with someone
Kain blueriver
This site makes me happier than killing titans