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#276606 - “Oh fuck, I can’t control it, I’m gonna cu…” Ben was cut off by a sudden kiss from Louise as she curled her toes, moaning louder and louder as she arched her back into him, Ben grabbing her firm tits and kneading them softly as he came into her, continuing to shag her until she screamed, louder and louder, pumping him for every drop as she too had an immense orgasm screaming bloody murder before lying back in exhaustion as Ben lowered them to the floor, finally gaining control. He heard the door in front of him begin to open, darting to the side as his dressing gown slid off; he fell out of it, straight into a nude Louise attempting to run down the hall, they fell onto the floor on top of each other. “You guys! Look, this door opens!” he shouted, Louise and Nicole stumbling over they entered the dim room, everything cleared except for the sheets and pillows of the bed which had returned.

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Man i wanna take a happy endin from u my damn self
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