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#357312 - “My daughter wants to stay and watch you process the meat if that's okay. ” She was hauled to her feet and dragged over to a table twenty feet away passing the younger man on the way as he reappeared. She looked extremely embarrassed as she stripped but eventually she was naked and once everything was in the basket he pushed it away under a table before looking at the now completely naked girl and smiling said, “Don't worry princess you'll get them back soon, unless we add you to our stock of course” he laughed and Tracey saw the quick look of shock cross the girls face but before she had time to say anything the butcher told her to sit on a chair and he turned to Tracey and laughed, “Okay let's get these ropes off you and then we can start giving your audience a little show” He roughly turned Tracey around and she felt him cutting at the ropes around her ankles and she almost cried out when they fell from her, her arms were then quickly released to and

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