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#358713 - I thought to see if i could test the waters, so leaned over slowly, paused for a second just inches from her face as we looked into each others eyes night Baby I said softly and slowly as I slowly moved face toward toward hers, paused, night Daddy she whispers, and I placed my lips softly to hers and we kissed closed lips softly, slowly for a second or two and then moved my face back slightly, I paused there for a second or two, I caught a whiff of her her sweet girl aroma, as I was then lifting my face away, she looked at me and then lifted her head bringing her lips to mine and kissed me again the same way, the feeling behind it felt very different than just fatherly kiss good night, we could both sense the lustful urges behind it. My heart jumped a beat to see her again in bed obviously touching herself masturbating under the sheet squirming and breathing heavy, I paused for a minute, or so to watch. One night, doing the nightly routine visit, I approached and entered her room

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