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#65609 - My dad worked alot so he was never home and on weekends would be great because I'd be alone with her in the house and watch her clean in her yoga pants which literally showed the complete shape and curve of her ass, sometimes I'd sneak a look while she would shower and that was a lovely scene, you don't understand I want her badly I want her to be all mine that body should belong to me but alas it did not. Then she decided to be a little freak and wanted to get on all fours and try anal doggy so I did her up her ass the way that big soft ass swallowed my dick each time I penetrated that hole was like heaven for me so we had a really rough intense sex session that lasted nearly 20 minutes by then I was getting ready to cum. then there she was with only a thong on she stood there and said show me what you got big boy I approach her kissing her neck feeling up on her ass and thats when she turnt around.

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