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#354889 - “Gaynor” he gasped “Yes Mike” “This is, this is amazing” as she continued to stroke up and down, “It is, I am glad you like my technique, but, you might need some more lubricant” she then did one of the most eroticist things he had ever seen in all his life, Gaynor went over his cock and looked at him, gazing into his eyes “Lube from me” she then spat onto the top of his cock and he watched as her spit dribbled down either side of his member, and Gaynor then stroked in her spit all the while looking into his eyes “You like this lube” he nodded unable to say anything as his cock just became more and more sensitive. Gaynor smiled, this boy is flirting with me but she thought she could match him and then placed her hands on to her own crotch area which was getting a little wet and she pulled on it and it snapped back onto her flesh, she had to give herself some air as it was that wet now as he himself tried to hide his own developing hard on by pressing on his shorts and tugging them dow

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