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#251702 - He was really smart but his dyslexia stopped him from As in school but he was full of facts and things he could fix almost anything he had his few good friends that would stand by him he wasn’t popular but this was by chose he want a loser but he want the coolest he was the middle guy the guy u didn’t see coming the one u understate he liked it that way and intended to keep it that way As jack drove to the middle school to pick up his sister as he did he was mumbling about how much a bich his now ex-girlfriend was and how he should have broken up with her before she dumped him jack turned in to the middle school drive way and stopped at the front of the school there was his sister who had been waiting sense school got out at 2:15 it was now 2:38 jack wasn’t late in fact he was earlier then normal the high school just gets out later than the middle school he sister spotted his car and side bye to her friends and ran to his car. Jack was in 10th grade and was 16 5’ 11” brown hair he w

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