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#48769 - without question i got out of my seat let go of harveys hand (having to walk a few seconds for him to let go of mine) i walked up to the front of the class i read out my title why war has to happen but i could tell the class wasnt intrested about my paper so i put my paper on miss townsent and said yes im fucking harvey the football captian anyone wanna say anything do it now a little suprized that miss townsent had allow me to say that but no one in the class spoke apart from britney she said yeah all ya'll wish you was harvery right now. i went to my set with everyone watching me. i went to my first lesson and im guessing everyone had been talking about what they have seen because when i walked in the class was completely silent.

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Yuria misaki
This is nasty asf but ill go get the weedwacker
Himiko yumeno
So sexy