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#299547 - I taste him in my mouth, Letting him come to in my mouth, He has not had a good day, It has been a long, And hard day, Marilyn does not give him a break, His mood swings are worse than mine, And I am pregnant, Stephen dose not know, I don’t think that he wants to know He doesn’t seem ready to be a father, I think ………. Do they really love me? We kiss again, He starts to move down my body, His kissed tickle me, And I laugh’ He laughs at my laugh, It’s more like his normal mad man cackle, I smile, He lefts his head, His eyes show me that he, Is full of energy, His hyper activity is kicking in, He never takes any medicine for it, Any more, I love him, I’m now sure that he loves me, I the psychic vampire, Love the shock rocker keyboardist, Is that rough? Is that right? Do I care about that? Does he? Should he? Should I? We kiss, His tongue slips in my mouth, And one of his hands moves up my skirt, And slips his fing

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