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#180533 - I told him that i wanted him to cum first in my mouth which i kndly agreed to so i wanked him with all the passion i had while still sucking his then really hard long thick beautiful cock until he warned he was close and just spead up until he started cumming in my mouth, which was nothing like i imagined, it was warm juicy slightly saulty arghhhhh so good i could stop until he was begging me to stop. Well he sat down and we shook hands, and i made it clear i was so nervous that i had butterflies in my tummy and really wanted his warm semen instead, so we both had a chukkle which was sort of an ice breaker. I then asked if i could fuck him which he gladly agreed to so he lifted up his legged and i positioned myself in front of his beautifully shaved hole and with some lube and slowly started pushing my cock into him.

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Everyday we stray further from god
Miss fortune
That short lip bite at the end perfection
Ika musume
She really violated my mans stamp collection
Yumi kajiki
A goddess
Que ricura vale