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#138324 - He reacted as if on cue, slipping his top over his head, undoing his belt and buttons and sliding his shorts and boxer's off, all in one fluid motion. We simply contented ourselves enjoying each other's company, sharing the same interests, and we both loved deep, meaningful conversations. I lifted my hips upward towards him, begging him to touch me! “Please!” I begged between moans of sheer pleasure! He ran his finger slowly up and down my already swollen clit and sucked in his breath: “Fuck baby, you are already so wet!” I simply nodded, already lost in the ecstasy of my pussy being touched by him and I grinded my hips shamelessly against his hand, losing focus, reality dissolving away! All that I could feel was that delicious feeling of him all over my sopping wet pussy! He spread my legs and then settled his head between my thighs, hungrily drinking in the sight of my wet pussy, whispering softly how fucking gorgeous it was.

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Talking to yourself i see
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