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#131873 - Then as I started drying off, Lucy gave another whine at me and I knew what she was waiting for. I laughed gently at this as I had never known Lucy to act like that, we sat chatting about the old days whilst we waited on the doctor coming in to say that I was fit enough. Waiting another minute I again whispered more sweet nothings into her ear and began to slowly thrust back and forward while listening to her breathing become more laboured as the sensations she must be feeling building up within her and soon my cock had loosened off her walls and was now almost fully buried inside her, having more room to move I began to quicken my thrusts eliciting a soft whine from her as I thrusted forward into her.

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Really hot great hentai by the time you got to the countdown i was almost there i made it by about 3 could only think about cumming on your chest great work
Maya kamiwazumi
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