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#381397 - while in the car she would lift her skirt and play with her pussy as I drove and she was moaning and teasing along the way telling me wish you could have this now don’t you! During this time I started talking of a new fantasy where I would tie her up and blindfold her then I could do whatever I wanted even have a someone else fuck her, I always loved showing her off or have her bring home a come filled pussy so she can give me the details while I licked her clean and fucked her swollen pussy what can I say I love sloppy seconds . After a while we really got into this fantasy she would even start to ad things along the way like the neighbor or someone we met while we were shopping that was checking her out it was fun and added spice to our sex life. Sex in a new position or location, Slide up and drip the come from your pussy all over me after we fuck then make me lick your pussy clean while you lick me clean, wear only sexy see through nigh ties while we are home and no panties (whic

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