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#255707 - When I was satisfied I pushed her to the ground and laid on top of her and kissed her lip, she didn’t respond so I put my hand down her trousers and pinched her clit again, she jumped and began squirming so I held on tighter, she stopped squirming and kissed me back, I laughed and said “Keep your mouth open!” she did so fearfully so I spat into her mouth, she swallowed it obediently so I inserted my fingers into her moth and fucked her mouth with my fingers. She looked at me in shock so I said “Masturbate for the came, fuck yourself with the dildo but do not pop your cherry! “Pretend if you have to that you are enjoying yourself!” she slowly inserted the dildo into her pussy and began pushing it slowly in and out wincing once in a while, I zoomed in on her pussy and then I took the control of the dildo and switched it on, she jumped in fright and began gasping, I turned it to maximum and watched as she received her first orgasm. I went back down stairs to see everything was cle

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Hideki nishimura
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