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#234479 - He gave May a few slaps with the whip and she kicked him in bollocks with her clog and they came to an understanding, he left the whip alone, except after a couple of trips he stuck the whip handle up her cunt and wanked it around, bit or no bit they reckoned thy could hear her in Blackpool she enjoyed it so much, and then Stan let her rest, a nice bucket of oats and a few Jars of Newcastle extra strong black fortified ale, were laid out and all the girls met up, some young, some old, but they all tucked greedily into the food and drink. he lipped it into her mouth, the rust grating on her tongue. May slept soundly that shift end, three whole hours and realised she had found true happiness, warm, dry, fucked whenever she wants, and no bath, she bloody hated having a bath, the carbolic soap always gave her thrush.

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