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#113461 - One day my dad got home earlier around 2pm on Sunday, my sister a was in he back yard laying down on the grass taking sun, I was in my room reading a magazine, when heard my dad entered in the house, he was drunk I helped out and he sat on couch, my dad a was dude 6. Well that was intense, I still remembered like a was yesterday, my sis a was those kind a girls a was easy to manipulated, no mentally very strong, but anyway after that day, things really change for us, we didn’t even think about the consequences she could get pregnant, likely nothing happened, from then and on she begin taking birth control pills. 4 my dad took his pants off and kicked to the side took shirt off he was naked he sat on the edge of bed she was standing up between his legs her butt facing my room she was in silence she look really provocative with that macro bikini, he pulled the top of her bikini to side on both tits and he started licking her voluptuous tits, she was enjoying it, she no longer look nerves

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