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#141154 - Jenny and I were pretty much like any other newly wed couple in the first year or so of marriage, finding new ways and places to fuck and discussing our fantasies with each other, I had told her for me all I wanted to see her fuck herself to orgasm with a big toy and if she didn’t mind I wanted her best mate to ride my cock whilst she sat on my face so I could eat her out, Jenny in return confessed that her fantasy was to be used by several guys in succession, not as a gang bang but in private with one at a time just coming and going as she liked, she added that it was just a fantasy after seeing the look of shock that it gave me. while I get ready“, and so it was I left the room with no Idea of what I was going to say or do once I got back to the pool bar . Jenny was having a real ball in Cancun showing off her still sexy body in her specially bought skimpy swim wear, she was still only 27 years old and had looked after herself well and I couldn’t help but notice the admiring glan

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