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#72721 - I replied “Hot to Trot! Mate she is on a mission, let me tell you there was no way she was going to let me stay home tonight and come up in the morning, no way at all!, she wants a good fucking and she wants it from you, I’ve no doubt about that mate!” “Well we had better not disappoint her then” Peter replied. In the morning we showered before breakfast and on entering the kitchen I announced to Peter and Sally that we would be staying again that night and was looking forward to meeting their other friends, Sally turned to Jan and said “Let’s go shopping to celebrate” “Good idea and lets go in the sports car “Jan replied, “You boys can entertain yourselves” Peter and I agreed and said that we would spend some time preparing for this evening. When we finished I said to Jan that if she wanted to go home in the morning and miss the party it would be fine with both Sally & Peter as well as with me.

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