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#191236 - This is not like me I said to myself, I always have all kinds of energy. As long as he's happy when he leaves, that's all that's important Right there and then I realized that sex was not a pleasure, it was a job! That's true in some cases, they could read the newspaper while getting anal but for me, I may not have enjoyed every single sexual experience, but there wasn't one that I didn't dislike! i learned quickly that regardless of how I felt, I had to please the customer by moaning or what ever else it took to make him happy. Why doesn't he want me to go there? I have to find out! So crossing the road, I only got past a few house down and there's a girl sitting in the window scantly dressed smiling at me.

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Natsumi bekki
That uptight bitch needs to get fucked hard
Dokuro mitsukai
Yuko yoshida
That so hot