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#201466 - Oh? Um, well um, I was wondering if um, well I think you're really pretty and I'd well I wondered if you would um maybe go on a date with me he blushes a little and rubs his head nervously. The store clerk watches the woman as she peruses the t-shirts, her larger curvy body moving sensuously as she wanders between the clothing racks, she seemed frustrated as the young man followed her with his eyes, stacking items up on shelves and making sure he didn't bump into anyone as he moved to keep track of her, she was gorgeous, a nice ass and tits to match, he liked his gals bigger, more to hold onto and play with, he'd seen a few bigger ladies come in but for some reason this one caught his attention more than the others. He cries out with her, their bodies feelign almsot as one as they orgasm together, his cum firing deep into her body as her pussy works to milk it from him They pant and sigh in pleasure as they ride out the glorious climax, their bodies tingling as

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