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#197433 - I thought it was best now to show my face. I sneaked out of the petrol station doors walked down the side of the building, found some bins and sat behind them so I could see what was happening, I could feel my cock was burning as it was turning into a huge erection, I hadn’t felt this turned on for a long time, my sweet innocent Christian girlfriend was getting groped and she wasn’t doing anything to repel them, I couldn’t believe it someone was grabbing my birds ass and it was turning me on. The guy behind placed his hands under her shoulders and helped her up, she bent forward over the bonnet of the car, the first guy zipped himself up and looked around, I ducked behind the bins as not to be seen but in my haste I knocked a tin can by my foot, the two men both looked around for a second and then they carried on there business.

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Gotta love the shade thrown at belle
Bitches can literally change everything to their bodies but not guys lol smh