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#325977 - “Ah yes,” Kigali agreed, “I know just the one!” “Carstairs!” Miss Robinson pleaded, “They are going to rape me!” “Rape is illegal,” Kigali reminded the men, “Remember there is a two dollar fine for raping a westerner!” “Carstairs!” Miss Robinson pleaded but the men had already piled their rifles into a stack and were gathering round her. “Ugghhh,” she gasped and then a further man was upon her, naked below the waist he knelt astride her and offered his enormous erection to her lips, she refused so he pinched her nose and when she gasped for breath he brutally rammed his cock deep inside her throat.

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Hu tao
She enjoys the thought of being overpowered all sex contained is consensual yes we have safe words for our rough sex no she did not use them stop being weird and enjoy our sex
Mikoto utsugi
Luna rival