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#326135 - Ranma went up stairs to prepare herself for her impending roast, Ranma you cant really be thinking of doing this, are you? Akane asked following him from the main dining room, Akane we been over this it's no different then when they roasted Nabiki Ranme replied with a slightly sadder look on her face then the last time she made this statement. GET OFF ME YOU CREEP Ranma yelled and hit Kuno over the head again knocking him out, Ranma you have no choice, you volunteered Genma said, Well then UN-Volunteer me! Ranma replied, If you un-volunteer then we will have no choice then to roast Akane Soan said and everyone looked over to Akane who then got very scared, Wha- wha-, me? was Akane's answer, Look like I said I don’t mind being roasted but I don’t want the last thing I feel to be a man's cock inside me Ranma said, A cock wont be the last thing you feel my boy, you been to enough Girl-Roast's to know that the spit is the last thing a girl feels in

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