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#21257 - I was stretched along the bench and new man had a finger up me for a minute before a rampant brother took over and needed no second asking to use his tongue on me. I wondered how I would get my legs wide enough to go round him, realizing that he intended to get it in me, but he had his own ideas on that and as I was once more flat on my back I learned that there was more than one position I could be in to take a man. As it started to twitch and jump in my hands he made one last plea for me to suck on him, I pretending not to here, knowing it was time for him as he moaned and gasped and thick white creamy spunk came out of his pole and landed on the grass in front of me.

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Mei sunohara
Those are some serious oral skills love a woman that holds my balls and cleans me after i cum super hot hentai and a lucky guy