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#45358 - Matthew: Leonardo, I have to leave this place, I refuse to be used as a weapon for your father, I have to get out of here. Leonardo’s Father: Because, every vampire has the same basic blood as a normal human, except a few strands of DNA are mutated causing our supernatural, well everything, but when our doctors originally took his blood, we couldn’t read it, he is the first case of this he had no immunity to the werewolves he had all the powers of a normal vampire but he had the potential to exceed the highest of heights, Leonardo, he is the ultimate weapon, he is destined to be the leading cause for the turning point for our war, our war with the other creatures will end we shall finally rise to the top, we will finally show the rest of these monsters that we the vampire are the one and true god, and finally he is a god slayer, he shall be our forefront in this war he will end it. Matthew: So what’re we going to do then? Leonardo: You’re going to have to without me, I’ll stay her

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