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#104457 - I lay my head back on your shoulder as your nibbles make their way up and down my neck, your arms encircling my body your hands once more reaching up and playing with my breasts, I am unable to stay still, my desire, my hunger becoming painfully frustrating, the thought of you just thrusting into me hard with no mercy on my small body makes me groan, I need it, I want it, My fingers search for you in vein, you move from behind and slide off the bed, I take in your naked form , my eyes hungrily taking in every inch of your form, you motion for me once more and I move to the edge of the bed, swing my legs around and stand up, you kiss me quickly and push me down so I am sitting on the bed, you step closer, spreading my legs with your own, your beautiful erect cock standing proud inches from my face, I look up at you and smiling you take yourself in your hand and slap your cock against my lips, Slowly with my mind in a cloud of pure bliss I open my mouth, you slap the tip of your cock on

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