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#210304 - After what seems like days but in fact is only a few hours, I decide to try out the camera, running the program again I pan it round and zoom in and out of views, at one time I spend a little while watching a woman from a nearby block walking round her apartment naked, getting bored I’m just about to move on when a flashing box appears in the upper corner of my screen, looking I see the message ‘Movement Detected, Activate Network?’. So here I was, facing what could only be described as one of the most boring times of my life and all my best mate could say was I’ll sort something out to entertain you. Glancing across to her son’s room I see he has checked to make sure she is showering and now he quickly pulls a porn magazine and starts jacking off to the pictures and stories.

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Sister cleaire
That seems like a fucking nightmare lol
Riku mikami
Comrades what are you watching you should be out there patrolling our motherlands borders go to gulag shame
Riina tada
Lovely fat ass
Eliza makes my dick so hard