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#273637 - Well he then sat on the stool and asked my mom to sit beside him and he started touching her nippels and he then then asked me to take the remaining oil bottel and i gave it to him. Well we then walked down and went to the stairs and to the car well my mom was all quiet in the car and then she said 'after this we are going to a friends house and im sure u know i had sex in the room before this and this is all part of growing up and after this u see and learn how the uncel there have sex and i was like ok. Well after like 30 minutes they stopped fucking her and they went and sat on the chair and my mom got up and just stood there and then the man called her and asked her to sit beside him and soo she sat beside him and he gave her a can of beer and she drank it and after that the gut took the balance of the beer and poured it on her and then one of the guys went out of the room and he came back shortly later with a camera and there they started taking picture with my mom nud

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