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#106172 - Gary felt so lucky that Frank had chosen him to be the receptacle for all of his cum shots, and now here he was, getting ready to accept another one of Frank's big gushers! The first load blasted against the back of Gary's throat, and was quickly followed up with volley after volley of subsequent ejaculations that filled his mouth to over flowing! Gary greedily scarffed down all of it, savoring every last drop, as it passed over his hot tongue! When he stood up, Gary had his head down, and he told Frank he had a confession to make, that on the way home he had stopped of for a little extracurricular enjoyment. No matter how many outside trysts Gary had, he always came back to Frank's open arms, and hard erection! Frank had a beautiful cock, and it seemed to always be in a state of constant arousal, a fact that made Gary feel very submissive around this magnificent organ! It was long and thick, about eight inches by six inches, with a large round head that was velvety

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Arisu shimada
As a chinese i can t believe so many of you blame the guy don t you know there is kind of people likes seeing ugly guy fucking beautiful girls maybe she did on purpose
Can i try a casting like this