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#356350 - After sharing my good fortune with family, friends, various charities, and of course some money for Juan the waiter, I was left with about £12 million My wife and I decided because we loved where we lived and our daughter was very happy in her school, that we would not move to a larger house but decided to extend our present house, so I had a couple of extensions built, one of which contained a snooker and games room with a bar, the other was an indoor swimming pool complex complete with a Sauna, Jacuzzi, Gym and shower room, and of course I decided that it was early retirement for me. ” “And what about you uncle, are you one of those who like giving oral sex?” Me? No I don’t like giving oral sex. Amy was divorced from her husband who had run off with his young secretary, but her divorce settlement enabled her to buy the house next door to us, even though she still had to work to support her and Kim, who was placed in a local day nursery.

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