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#54871 - Fagen chuckled a little under his breath at her little aside, but then steering her back to the topic at hand asked, What else, there must be more than just height and hair that gets you going, what about build!?! Well uh, I guess I like my men to be on the muscular side, she replied, but not like a body builder but more like a swimmer's body, you know, long and lean!!! What about body hair, he asked!?! Love it, she replied giggling, up to a point, but not like a gorilla!!! And finally we get down to the big question, he said softly, what about genital size, do you have a preference there, too!?! Her face blaze red imstantly, and in a almost whispered voice she replied, I-I guess I'd have to say that I like penises on the larger side nice with tight balls!!! Circumcised, he asked!?! Oh yes, she replied quickly, I like to be able to see the head even when its soft, and I like it better that way for oral sex, too!?! Dr.

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