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#388979 - And since we have such a large ship we have several of these rooms and we have several billion troops, pilots and other crew like mechanics and engineers. i’m still sitting in my chair I actually have the ability to fly and control the ship so with a touch of a button on the arm of my chair some controls move out from the arms and there like orbs like controls that give me full control of my ships flight controls including the engines. The voidians have armor equal to Spartans but also they use armor that’s stronger for their capital ships and flag ships as well as ships that are part of the royal family, and many of the other ships that I listed already can continue to go in to deeper parts of the void you can think of it like traveling father in to the universe or deeper into the oceans and finding a cave that goes deeper and has much harsher gravity and tougher people there to fight sorry to ramble like I said my father made sure that my armor for my person , both my ships

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