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#355281 - after some time passes Merik says The barrier hasn't reacted which means she's still in the room and hasn't tried to escape , Rikimarue says So it seems that Ou - Chan did break her, ok then lets go back . Leaving the pocket dimension all three of them are back in Ayames bedroom, Merik lowers the invisible barrier around the room so he can leave the room and get Ayames Orc Son, while he's gone Rikimarue says Were going to summon some Orcs to gangrape you tonight doesn't that sound like fun? Ayame smiles and says Yes master I love Orc cocks and it is true what they say about Orc cum, it is an aphrodisiac, just thinking about it makes me so wet master . The two dog demons keep switching places raping her mouth, pussy and ass and cuming deep in all three of her holes, Merik looks at Rikimarue and says Do you still think she's faking? , Rikimarue says Yes I do, all female Taimanin are trained to resist, I know this because I've trained many female Taimanin myself .

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