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#26540 - When I got home I had this big smile on my face that had my parents worried ''Kiddo it's Monday '' ''Yes dad am quite aware of that '' ''Then what's with the smug look on your face finally talk to the girl next door '' what the what how does she but I just wait get yourself together my face snitched on me ''I knew my heir had to get into the ocean to go fishing sometime '' said my dad I just rushed to my room weirdly my sister was quite the whole time eh not my problem I drifted off to the most wonderful place know to man ah dreamland. I had to rub my dick up and down for lubrication and to think I learned that very important information from porn not the poor education system, after that I had to search for her opening this is a lot of work just to get some. The universe decided today is as good as any to mess around with me, Angela called me to her house said something about being home alone or homework

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