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#125653 - Knock at the door once but so soft that I didn't even hear it, so I rang the door bell, and when she open it all I could say was hi she look shock, but not surprise, she was waiting, she knew I'll show up , just didn't know when, shook her head in disbelieve, but welcome me in, I could still smell her husband aftershave, the feeling of euphoria took over me to the point that the front door was never lock,didn't ask for the kids all I wanted was right in front of me, she ask me what in hell did I wanted this early, so I walk up to her and gave her a kiss, she pushed me back looking angry, so I kiss her again this time holding her arms just in case she wanted to slap me, but she never did, all she said was that it was wrong that her husband could return at any minute, and for me it was like fuel, like a bigger reason to be there. Back in the apartment she managed to take me in the living room, moving the coffee table to the side she sat on the carpet patient

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