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#115169 - I said handing the used knickers over to her as i watched the cunt Michelle grow red again,her face scarlet from where Louise had slapped her only a few moments ago. I left the car and rounded the boot, Louise had Michelle on her knees with her hands behind her head, as i approached i opened my fly and took out my cock, gave it a few hard pulls and rested it on Michelle's lips. Michelle took my whole length into her throat until her nose was resting on my stomach, then she moved her head backwards until i was nearly out of her wet mouth, then she would suck it all back in to her throat again, she kept working on my cock like this for sometime until Louise joined me, standing beside me and leaning her body onto my shoulders she then opened her pussy wide, rubbing her clit as she watched Michelle suck greedily on my throbbing cock.

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